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"Frivolous Pursuits" series was inspired by what I call my "lost decade" in life. For too many years I thought that money, a high paying job, and safe career would represent the pinnacle of success in life. Only after chasing these things and disregarding my passion for several years did I realize that there was more to life. Abandoning my degree as a dentist I recommitted my life to art, and have felt an overwhelming joy and satisfaction ever since. Through these works I cultivate a dialog about my personal development, and ask the viewer to confront their own frivolous pursuits and abandoned passions. Mortality is a harsh reality, and life is far too short to be spent doing things you do not truly love.


“Minting Money” series has been a direct influence of the burden of debt. Money is constantly on my mind. There are times when I am generating good income from art and I have a sort of love and attraction for money, and other times when I am maxing out credit cards to purchase art supplies and can hardly afford groceries, thus I also periodically have an extreme malice towards money. There are many in-between emotions to this as well, and, depending on whichever mind state I am in at the time, it determines how the work is created. The money series is generally accepted as a commentary on wealth and not about my emotions and the story behind it.